*** Unfortunately ScopeFlare has had to be withdrawn from sale on the iTunes store as an updated version compatible with iOS 11 is not yet ready. ***.

Shoot Blockbuster Widescreen films with real time anamorphic lens style flares on iOS devices . This app features a wide selection of lens flare styles and Feature film colour grades based on actual film stock simulations.  Shoot, select, trim and share all from within the app. Scope Flare is an iOS 7 and above app, compatible with iPhone 4s and above, iPad 3rd generation and above and current iPod devices with rear facing iSight Camers.


 Check if the device is allowing Scope Flare to use the camera and microphone.
Go to settings and scroll down till you see the Scope Flare icon, select it and check that you are allowing it to access the Camera and microphone, switch both to green.
If this doesn’t solve the problem try deleting the app and reinstalling.
To maintain consistent Flares during a shot it can be useful to lock the exposure at the desired level by tapping the exp-lock key. This prevents the auto exposure attempting to darken the shot in response to the overexposed areas that generate the lens flares.
To prevent incoming phone calls from interrupting clips while recording you can switch the device to airplane mode. Also setting an Auto Lock time ( accessible from the devices main settings menu / general / Auto lock ) longer than the clips you are plan to record can prevent the device switching off and finishing clips while recording. An alternative is to tap the screen periodically if recording longer clips to prevent the phone switching off.
1. Directly send a clip from the clip trim and review page by taping the  send  button. This allows you to send the clip via email, message, airdrop, and facebook or Vimeo if you are (logged in to your account with these services).

2. Access the Clips directly in iTunes by connecting your device to your computer, then selecting the device in the sidebar, clicking the apps button at the top of the main window, scrolling down to File Sharing, selecting the ScopeFlare icon and from there selecting and saving the clips from the ScopeFlare Documents window.

3. In Scope Flare select the Clips list view window by tapping the  Clips  icon in the Camera window, then selecting the clips by tapping on their names or selecting all by pressing the  select-all  button, then pressing the  Camera-roll  button to save them to the Camera Roll. Clips in the Camera roll are accessible in iPhoto on a Mac.

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